50 Years Together

Fifty years ago, a collaborative marriage was made in Rock and Roll Heaven. Back in 1967, a 17 year old poet and a 20 year old piano player and singer met answering an ad seeking talent in a music publication called New Musical Express.


And the world of music would soon never be the same.


Bernie Taupin and Elton John rocketed into music history with such mega-hits as "Your Song", "Burn Down The Mission", "Tiny Dancer",  "Rocket Man" and scores of others, all appearing on chart-topping albums like "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road", "Captain Fantastic and The Brown Dirt Cowboy", Honky Chateau, and "Too Low For Zero", just to name a few.


And this very special pair of artists are still at it to this day.


With recent albums like "The Union", "The Captain and the KId", "Songs From The West Coast", "The Diving Board" and "Crazy Wonderful Night",  Taupin and John continue to warrant their place in the pantheon of songwriters who have profoundly changed the face of music.


Bravo, BT and EJ! May your musical alchemy together continue to thrill the world for years and years to come.


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